User Experience

User Experience

Delivering great user experiences that delight your users.

Black Marble’s solid track record in designing and building imaginative and intuitive applications, we are ideally placed to develop solutions for any organisation wanting to light up their user experience. We can develop connected applications, running across multi-screens and form factors, with an aim to create fully-formed apps - on whatever device you want! Because your app runs on a wide variety of devices with different form factors and input means (touch, gesture, speech, keyboard, etc.) you want it to be tailored to each device and be able to unlock the unique capabilities of each device. With our software development capabilities, we can ensure your app lights up features specific to one type of device while presenting a different experience on other devices.

Associated Services


Universal Windows Platform

Developing Windows applications for use across PCs, Tablets, Phones, HoloLens, Raspberry Pi and Xbox.

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Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development

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Web Applications

Developing Web Applications