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SharePoint Planning

We can help with all stages of your SharePoint implementation planning.

SharePoint Planning

Planning a SharePoint solution that delivers business value is a detailed and multi-staged process. Black Marble can provide all the phases and their components, from Assess, Envision and Plan elements through to Implementation.

The aim of the SharePoint planning engagement is to provide the customer with a number of key assets:

  • A clear idea of how SharePoint will benefit the organisation.
  • Appropriate groups for governance involving staff who have taken part in the planning exercise, such as a User Group and a Steering Group.
  • Documentation of organisational needs for governance and compliance to allow successful management of the SharePoint solution.
  • Detailed specification of a SharePoint environment that will meet current requirements with an understanding of how to accommodate growth.
  • A long term vision of how the SharePoint solution can be expanded over time to give long term value to the organisation.

Through a series of workshops and meetings, Black Marble will

  • Identify working practices, responsibilities and information.
  • Identify current internal and external collaborative practices.
  • Identify IT systems and their impact on working practices.
  • Identify successful and unsuccessful current practices.
  • Identify aspirational modes of working.

As well as

  • Identify strategic drivers that affect the SharePoint solution.
  • Add management-specific requirements to Vision.
  • Filter management-vetoed requirements from Vision.


The planning phase delivers planning around specific areas that are essential to SharePoint delivery. Each workshop will generate a planning document that identifies the work needed for that area. Once the workshops and planning documents are completed the results of the Envision and Plan phases enable the generation of an Implementation Plan. This document details the work required, over multiple phases, to deliver a SharePoint solution that meets the organisational needs identified during the initial workshops.

This includes plans for:

  • Governance
  • Compliance
  • Information Architecture
  • Engineering