Cloud Operating Model



A foundation for a successful Cloud Operating Model

Security is a vital and important part of your Cloud Operating Model, as it is an enterprise organisation requirement. Planning security from the outset keeps it front of mind at every stage of the project. The cloud offers opportunities for improving speed, agility and innovation, but it also presents the need for an expanding set of security considerations. Security challenges are increasing at all layers as more and more financially motivated threats target data assets regardless of environment.

In the cloud, a new matrix of responsibilities must be planned for. Unlike an on-premises environment where responsibility is squarely on the environment owner, in the cloud, security responsibility is shared. Responsibilities shift depending on the type of cloud service being leveraged. In essence, the change in security is that you need to consider the roles and responsibilities of the cloud provider, as well as your own, for role-based access control (RBAC). Black Marble can walk you through what needs to be done.

I'm very happy with Black Marble and their solution. Azure gives me good security, the whole system is scalable, and is just brilliant. Finance Manager, Robust Details Limited