Cloud Operating Model



A foundation for a successful cloud operating model

Governance encompasses the processes, roles and responsibilities to guide the development and subsequent use of the cloud solutions. It is important to create the right structures to manage, Support and, if necessary, constrain how the cloud is used and developed.

Any kind of change generates new risks. Cloud governance capabilities ensure that risks and risk tolerance are properly evaluated and managed. Putting continuous compliance and security checks into place to ensure that internal controls are met much easier in a cloud environment and ensures you remain secure, compliant, auditable. Cloud governance is an iterative process. For organizations with existing policies that govern on-premises IT environments, cloud governance should complement those policies.

Governance reviews should be held regularly so that plans can quickly be updated to reflect the changing needs of the cloud adoption capability.

Potential benefits

  • Easier error monitoring and handling.
  • A secure, scalable and easy to manage solution.
  • Clear ownership of solutions.
  • Clear responsibilities within solutions.
  • Clear documentation of corporate risk.
  • Clearly defined compliance and security checks.
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