Cloud Operating Model

Cloud Operating Model

Transforming your business into a cloud-business.

Transforming your business into a cloud-business is more than simply moving your systems and infrastructure into the cloud - your organisation needs a Cloud Operating Model (COM) to adopt a cloud-first mentality. It is important to guide your people away from traditional IT thinking, to ensure they realise business benefits and harness the true potential of the cloud, where adoption drives innovation, this is where we can help.

To define a COM, you will need to build on solid foundations and to follow a set of proven processes, that will guide your step-by-step to the cloud, alongside delivery pillars to implement those processes.


These affect every process in the journey to the cloud and must be considered at every step:

  • DevOps - enabling repeatable, transactable delivery.
  • Best practices - providing superior results.
  • Governance - managing risk to ensure compliance.
  • Security - key for on-going success.
  • Personnel - preparing your people, delivering success.


When an organisation embraces the foundations, the following pillars will assist in managing your cloud transformation:

We can guide you through the cloud adoption journey, through our position as a Cloud Centre of Excellence (CCoE).


Building on the foundations and pillars, the processes provide the Cloud Operating Model (COM)

  • Assess - establish the business case.
  • Envision - engage with the wider organisation.
  • Plan - define the roadmap, and strategy for the implementation.
  • Implement - carry out the cloud adoption.
  • Review -appraise the implementation to date against the initial plans.

Potential Benefits

  • Save money by reducing capital expenditure.
  • Ensure a global, consistent reach for your services and solutions.
  • Scale quickly to meet market and geographical demands.
  • Transform your existing products or services, whilst disrupting the market with new products and services.

Best Practices

A foundation for a successful cloud operating model.


A foundation for a successful Cloud Operating Model


A foundation for a successful cloud operating model

Most of the things that are easily measurable; time to release a line of code, cost of running a service and uptime of service, will be better under Azure, but it is the business benefits, which will transform our product offerings. Chief Architect, Aeronautical Manufacturer