Application Modernisation



Move applications, capabilities or workloads to the cloud

One of the most common techniques to generate a path to the cloud is the migration of specific capabilities or workloads. You could choose to rehost simple apps or apps that are not crucial to your business, but rearchitect those that are more complex and business critical. Cloud migration is a portfolio management effort and technical implementation. During the migration process you may also decide to take stock, move some assets, invest in others and retire obsolete or unused assets.


Also known as a ’lift and shift’ migration, a rehost effort moves current state asset to the cloud with minimal change to overall architecture; applications and infrastructure moved like-for-like into the cloud. This option does not require code changes and allows you to migrate your existing apps to Azure quickly. Each App is migrated as is, to reap the benefits of the cloud, without the risk and cost associated with code changes. This includes moving networks, services, data sources, not just applications / IT.

Potential Benefits

  • Optimising operations.
  • Simplifying technology.
  • Increasing business agility.
  • Reduced costs.
  • Preparing for new technical capabilities.
  • Scaling to market demands or geos.
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