Delivering Next Generation Solutions for Policing

Developed with operational police officers for operational police officers, tuServ is a revolutionary approach to digitising modern policing. It is designed to put the emphasis on crafting process and technology around operational needs, through improved accuracy, leading to more efficient use of resources.

tuServ enables officers to access all relevant data systems from a single point, removing a dependency on paper- based systems. Running on both mobile phones and tablet computers, officers can be equipped with the most appropriate device without sacrificing functionality.

The product is a fully convergent and integrated solution capable of satisfying organisational requirements. With a solid infrastructure, tuServ will automate many procedures and link business processes to further reduce the need for duplication.

tuServ can be used by both officers in the field, and staff at the police station, on a range of devices such as phone, tablet or desktop. tuServ can communicate over your existing official network, wi-fi or mobile phone network.

Transforming Policing…

  • Easily capturing digital evidence with a simple user experience.
  • Enhancing the transparency and confidence in police activity.
  • Increasing data quality.
  • Reducing the burden on the officer as tuServ integrates directly with core systems.
  • Defining new ways of working.
  • Delivering true officer collaboration

…And delivering benefits

  • Business transformation and high level of savings.
  • A transformed, intuitive, user experience.
  • Enhanced federated system searching in real time.
  • Improved data quality that is secure and fully auditable.
  • The transformation of data into information.
  • Real time team and force collaboration.
  • Hosted either in the cloud or on premise.
  • A holistic policing application across devices.
  • Fully digitised process and media capture that is evidentially correct.
  • Geospatial and temporal related information

Check out the tuServ website for more info!