Systems Integration

Cloud Integration

Cloud Integration

Delivering integration solutions in the cloud.

Connected and integrated services and solutions in the cloud, deliver organisational cohesion. It is one of the pillars of innovation in the enterprise. Integration allows connected data, business process automation, business-to business communication, consolidated data migration, reporting and enterprise wide AI. Without integration, an enterprise is, in effect, a series of silos of information and processes, which will ultimately stagnate the organisation. Integration is not just internal workloads but also is key for business to business collaboration. The cloud enables organisations to integrate with partners and service organisations to enrich the overall enterprise story.

Potential Benefits

  • Reducing data input time considerably and eliminating data discrepancies between the systems that occurred with manual input.
  • Increasing data consistency - Integration between systems removed the need to re-key information in downstream systems.
  • Increasing staff efficiency by integrating data from external systems and automating business processes.
  • Spotting the most valuable trading patterns & seasonal trends and make informed decisions.
  • Better visibility of application data.
  • Improving trading partner relationships.

Black Marble makes use of tooling such as Logic Apps, API Management, Service bus, Azure Functions and Microsoft Azure to be able to implement the automation on these business processes. Our approach involves our consultant spending time with your team to review system documentation, data schema, security requirements and governance constraints, with a view to defining the overall integration architecture for the project.

With Azure Logic apps, we can deliver a low cost and scalable solution to the issue and offers a great degree of flexibility in cross technology integration whilst providing inherent cloud resilience at low cost.