comparing the outcomes with the business case and desired outcomes

Every company is unique, but we can use lessons learnt to achieve great success. Cloud adoption is an iterative process. Towards the end of delivery, it is important to review the success of the project and how well the Cloud Operating Model was implemented. Organisations need to keep monitoring and reporting on their cloud estate - make sure it is doing / performing as planned.

Once reviewed, it is time to access your position to ensure you have addressed your business case and met your key business outcomes, with the solution being performant.

Black Marble can guide you to the tools available to collect, analyse and act on telemetry from your applications and the resources that support them. By tracking what worked and what has been identified in review, and feeding it back into the process, it will improve your Enterprise Cloud Operating Model.

Potential benefits

  • Excellent knowledge transfer to staff, with relevance for future projects.
  • Increased staff efficiency.
  • Increasing visibility of reporting.
  • Improving future project quality.
The existing system in place was a time-consuming manual process. What we were able to give them was an efficient automated service that saves time and resources. We used specially written scripts to provide a solid integrated service that has run smoothly since implementation. Consultant, Black Marble