Creating your road-map and implementation plan

The planning process can be thought of as two separate activities:

  • Strategic planning - to determine and prioritise the list of workloads that are planned for the cloud. the strategic plan(s) also includes considerations around governance and compliance, information architecture and collaboration.
  • The implementation plan(s) - details the packages of work for implementation.

This process will result in specific plans for the essential delivery of projects into the cloud.

Defining the operating model

One of the key things during delivery is to use a repeatable method, which can be refined during the delivery of each cloud project from lessons learnt. Best practice operating processes will be implemented and refined over time via the Cloud Centre of Excellence.

It was great to work with a customer who can see the benefits of a full...planning engagement, utilising the Black Marble spectrum of skills - from consultants and designers, to testers and projects managers, through developers and the support team - the Medical Protection Society benefited from our full range of knowledge and skills. Consultant, Black Marble