Putting plans into action

With planning complete and the way forward defined, it is important to put the ‘operate’ into ‘cloud operating model’.

Using DevOps as the core to the delivery mechanism, normally with agile delivery, the plan will be delivered using best practice methods.

This process is to implement a manageable operating model to guide activities during and long after the adoption.

The key themes for this stage are:

  • Organise - Align people and teams to deliver proper cloud operations and adoption.
  • Govern - Align corporate policy to tangible risks, mitigated through policy, process, and cloud-based governance tooling.
  • Manage - Expand IT operations to ensure cloud-based solutions can be operated through secure, cost effective processes using modern, cloud-first operations tools.

The initial outcome will be a successful delivery of a (pilot) project into the cloud. Following this will be a phased release to a production environment.

Potential benefits

Releasing features in hours, not weeks. Shortening service request cycles. Mitigating risks through governance.

When the development started, we were very impressed with the professionalism, flexibility and technical expertise of the Black Marble consultants. We were confident that we had chosen the right team for the job. Cloud Service Manager, Versus Arthritis