Sharing your cloud solution with key stakeholders within your business

Delivered through a series of cloud adoption workshops, the envisioning effort is focussed on delivering a business vision and strategy for the cloud. This is done in conjunction with:

  • Key stakeholders.
  • Technical team.
  • Users.

With a target of understanding the aims, motives and desired outcomes of all parties in order to shape them into a unified direction and plan. The Envisioning process will identify:

  • Adoption motivations. Document and articulate the reasons behind the technical effort.
  • Business outcomes. Clearly articulate what’s expected of the technical team in terms of business changes.
  • Learning metrics. Establish short-term metrics that can show progress towards longer-term business outcomes.
  • Staffing. The most important aspects of any cloud adoption plan is the alignment of people who will make the plan a reality. No plan is complete until you understand its people-related aspects.
  • Ownership. Th create a balance between speed and control, we recommend that during cloud adoption, at a minimum, you have people accountable for cloud adoption and cloud governance.
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