Establishing the business case for your move to the cloud

Understanding the strategic aims, the overall requirements, the needs and capabilities of an organisation is the key to starting the cloud journey. Many organisations make assumptions of their current capabilities that can have negative effects later in the cloud adoption plan. Addressing any issues early on sets you up for success.

In the Access process, the aim is to determine:

  • Management requirements.
  • Key stakeholders.
  • Desired business outcomes.
  • Current capabilities.
  • Staff capabilities.

All of this is then put together to generate the overall business case for utilising the cloud.

Potential benefits

  • Our workshop approach delivers clear requirements.
  • Our iterative design approach ensures the right user experience to engage users.
  • Delivering needs from all levels of the organisation.
We were confident that we knew the basics, but we wanted the added assurance that comes from having a specialist looking it over and providing further guidance and this is what we got with Black Marble. Head of Software Development, mergermarket