Our Approach

Our Approach

Processes involved in delivering a successful cloud project

Delivering a cloud project can follow a straightforward pattern of assessing, understanding, planning, delivering and hindsight - we call these the processes. Each of the processes has an outcome, which differentiates them from the Foundations.

These cloud processes are a set of standard processes that an organisation needs to follow to deliver successful cloud adoption, including:

  • Assess - This process will help you establish the business case for your move to the cloud, exploring if it is feasible, desirable, achievable and what the business outcomes will be. It will involve our key stakeholders / business owners and focuses on discovery, looking at the overall scope of the cloud journey. It follows a process of refinement and can include an assessment of existing systems.
  • Envision - This process focuses on sharing with the wider workforce, with many of the people who work with the solutions on a day-to-day basis. It is essential for preparing the company for the inevitable culture shift and will involve a cross-section of key influencers and main users. It will cover current processes, highlighting the current situation, with a view to the future, looking at where the business wants to be.
  • Plan - This process builds on the outcomes from Assess and Envision, looking at the specific areas identified for implementation. It will refine the process, with further engagement to explore the selected areas in more depth, feeding into a plan, creating a roadmap and implementation plan e.g. for a specific pilot project. Planning will also include compliance (statutory, industry and internal) and governance. Ultimately it will produce an implementation plan.
  • Proof of Concept - This process may be in the form of a presentation or a piece of software, but either way it will produce the information as to whether your project is viable or not.
  • Implementation - This process follows the implementation plan.
  • Review - This process reviews the outcome of the implementation plan, to see if it matches the initial business case and desired outcomes.

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