Health Check

Health Check

Getting to the causes of your problems, and providing guidance on addressing them.

A Black Marble Health Check is an examination and assessment of current solutions, across a range of software platforms with an identification of client problems, deviation from best practice, and risks. Advice on mitigation and remediation (e.g. DevOps, Integration) is also provided.

A Black Marble Health Check can highlight where your systems align with recommended best practices, and identify where your existing implementation is in alignment with your business needs. We can identify how you can increase operational efficiency, maximise system up-time, and reduce costs through examination of the most critical aspects of your environment.

Black Marble’s Health Check helps expose vulnerabilities in your infrastructure and operational processes. The Health Check reveals the causes of problems, not just the symptoms, helping you to take a proactive approach in addressing the problems. This approach can help optimise productivity and uncover potential risks before they affect users and drive up support costs.

Black Marble’s Health Check can address your key needs now, as well as your projected needs over the next few years. There is also minimal intrusion to your IT systems while gathering key data, as we have a strict policy of non-intervention throughout the Health Check.

We will provide a set of recommendations to improve your implementation; including any action that can help you reach your highest performance goals. In addition, we can provide recommendations to ensure that your environment is configured and managed properly to meet your business needs.

Black Marble will produce a report, analysing the information gathered on site, and providing a summary of our findings. This report will include a description of the risks involved with the current implementation, and highlighting any problem areas. In addition, it will provide recommendations for the short term and longer term, as well as practical solutions for each of the identified risks. Where the installation has been found to deviate from best practice, the differences have been listed and the impact assessed.

The Health Check reveals the causes of problems, not just the symptoms—helping you take a proactive approach. This methodology, with minimal intrusion into the business, uncovers potential risks and optimises productivity. Rik Hepworth, IT Director, Black Marble.