Development Operations

Our Approach

Our Approach

Enterprise DevOps Transformations

Black Marble’s DevOps consultants have long been recognised as some of the best in the world - find out how they can aid your organisation improves its DevOps approach.

  • DevOps Planning Workshop - Identify where you are today and discuss where you want to be. We will work with you to define your roadmap to best development, build, test and release pipelines.
  • DevOps Hackathon - A taster of how your organisation could work efficiently with best development tools and practices. We will work collaboratively on an example project with your technical team.
  • DevOps Implementation - Our consultants will help enable your teams DevOps journey, providing skills, knowledge, and guidance.
  • Azure DevOps/Services Migration Workshop - Whether you are migrating between on-premises solutions, or operating in the cloud, we can help you migrate to the latest versions and operating systems, making your organisation more efficient in daily functions.
  • DevOps Tool Consolidation and ARM Templates – If you are utilising DevOps tooling to operate daily, but need to implement best practice, we can support you in tool consolidation for effective outcomes.

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It's a mindset and organisational change - we had been fairly 'traditional' when it came to IT services so we didn't take lightly the decision to introduce DevOps, but we knew in Black Marble Chief Cloud Architect, Aeronautical Engineering firm.