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Building the Unified Team

Building the Unified Team

Implementing DevOps Process in the Cloud and Beyond with Microsoft Technologies

In order to improve efficiency, quality and effectiveness of the whole development and subsequent test and release cycle, there is a need for harmonious working practices between the IT and Development teams. Rather than just a separate set of principles and practices that closes the gap, DevOps has emerged as a direct and practical route to achieve this with a unified approach.

Black Marble’s consultants can help your organisation through the cultural change, with practical guidance on how Microsoft’s tools can be used to enhance and enable the transition. Our consultants can help with this process, whether you choose to run in the Cloud or on premises. Plus, we can help your organisation prepare for the longer term, where it doesn’t need to be a trade-off on features whilst running either in the Cloud or on premises, but a solid hybrid solution for the Enterprise.

Through the use of Azure Templates and Azure Resource Manager (ARM) we can help streamline your creation and management of your hosting environments, making it easier for your development team to automate their processes, with Autobuild, Continuous Integration, Release Management and Continuous Deployment. Plus, these Templates can be maintained in Source Control, making it easier for the development team to manage existing environments, or recreate previous ones. It introduces a level of consistency and control, of reliable and repeatable deployment, that will contribute towards an improved Application Lifecycle process.

Azure Templates are a key component of the cloud deployment story. With the next version of Release Management due soon, organisations will be able to deploy to the cloud from an on-premises system (right now this is only possible with the cloud-based Visual Studio Team Services). The upcoming Azure Stack on-premises private cloud solution will make it possible to use the same templates to deploy from either the cloud or on premises to either the cloud or on premises. This will give Enterprises the opportunity to make the best choice for their solutions and processes and is why they should be investing now in learning the technologies involved.

Please get in touch if you would like to talk to us about our consultants who can help you bridge the gap between IT and ALM approaches, to create a new, unified approach, suited to your organisation.