Cloud Acceleration

Our Cloud Approach

Our Cloud Approach

Cloud Applications and Utilisation

In order to help you make the most of the cloud, Black Marble provides the following services:

  • Cloud Planning Workshop - Identify where you are today and discuss where you want to be. We will work with you to define your ideal cloud operating model.
  • Cloud Hackathon – A taster of moving to or building a cloud solution. Collaboratively building a proof of concept application with your technical team.
  • Application Architecture Workshop and App Modernisation – Whether you want to modernise and migrate an existing application, or build cloud native, we can help you architect and design your solution collaboratively.
  • Cloud Application Implementation – Based on your agreed design, we can develop and implement your application for you, or work as an extension of your technical team to support delivery of the solution.

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Working with Black Marble was a great experience – they took time to understand our requirements and quickly moved to assist us wherever they could. We have been delighted with them at all levels. We were very glad to have found them and they certainly aided our project at a critical time. Head of Development, Retail Assist.