Modernising your Integration Services - moving from on-premises to the cloud

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Modernising your Integration Services - moving from on-premises to the cloud

Connected and integrated services play a pivotal role in organisational success, fostering cohesion by enabling connected data, business process automation, consolidated data migration, reporting and enterprise-wide AI. And it isn’t limited to internal operations, it’s also vital for business-to-business collaboration, enriching the overall enterprise narrative.

Without integration, an enterprise resembles a collection of isolated silos — information and processes stagnate, hindering growth. But there is a way forward.

Historically, on-premises solutions like Microsoft BizTalk and MuleSoft served as the backbone for corporate application integration. However, as cloud delivery becomes more cost-effective, this session will demonstrate why it’s important to modernise your legacy on-premises solutions by transitioning to a cloud-solution, such as Azure Integration Services.

As well as providing business agility with a move to the cloud, it allows seamless connectivity between various systems and applications, ensuring that business processes run smoothly, as well as providing dynamic scalability, whilst providing optimal resource utilisation and cost-effectiveness. In fact, when considering the Total Cost of Ownership, the initial migration costs are often outweighed by the long-term benefits, such as reduced maintenance expenses, improved efficiency, and increased visibility.

Join our team of experts as we explore why modernising your integration services through a move to the cloud is best for your business.

Presented by Michael Stephenson, Microsoft MVP, and UK-based Microsoft Azure and Integration specialist, and Robert Hogg; Black Marble CEO, Microsoft MVP/Regional Director, and members of the Black Marble Integration Consultancy team.

*Refreshments provided

Event Date - April 25, 2024

Time of Day - 9:30am - 12:00 noon

Location - Black Marble HQ, Woodland House, Bradford Rd, Cleckheaton, BD19 6BW Register for this event