Black Marble was approached by TDX, the UK’s leading independent debt liquidation expert. With a rapidly growing presence in Spain, they needed assistance in deploying PLATO (The UK’s largest debt placement and management platform) internationally.

The problem with translating any platform or technology is that the language (in this case, English) is stored in various locations, sometimes within hidden fields and images. The movement of the main text string into resource files is only the start of the work. We also had to consider English that was contained within JavaScript. The trick here was to locate the text, make sure it was placed correctly into hidden fields, and then to use the ID of those fields to extract the value for use in the JavaScript.

In addition, database columns were used for headers in a table, and we needed to find a way around this - our approach was to use the text from the database as a resource key. Once we determine the user’s language, we can place the correct text in the table using the key to locate it.

Finally, we had to go through all images used by the application, and ensure that any containing English were hidden when it was used in Spanish.

For this kind of project, thoroughness, particularly in testing, is important, and Black Marble is the right company for attention to detail.