NHS Monitor On-line Licensing Project

NHS Monitor recently embarked on a major information systems and technology overhaul to reflect their enhanced regulatory role and responsibilities. These included the creation of a Strategic Information Platform (SIP) and the consolidation of user, customer and partner access via one common information architecture and technological platform.

After agreeing the architectural design principles, NHS Monitor contracted Methods to deliver the first two phases of a major development programme. Initially Methods was tasked with consolidating the technology platform, which involved implementing a standardised SharePoint, SQL, and Dynamics CRM platform. Secondly, Methods was contracted to deliver a new ‘On-line’ system to transact and process license applications from health providers. Methods worked with Black Marble as the development partner for this solution, providing a united front to the customer.

The aim of the architecture is to support a multi-tenanted bespoke Licence Solution written in Microsoft ASP.Net and hosted in Microsoft SharePoint 2013.

The application service layer comprises platform services provided by Microsoft SharePoint 2013 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013. The presentation/UI layer consists of ASP .Net 4.5 web pages that produce HTML 5 compliant mark-up. Access authorisation to web-pages is controlled by the underlying SharePoint Architecture. A rich user experience is provided within the browser using client side scripting. Entry to the service layer is provided over REST-ful endpoints; hosted and exposed via WCF (Windows Communication Foundation) API Interfaces.

Although system requirements were defined, the project was segmented into three separate development phases (sprints) that would evolve, validate and build the system logic.

Black Marble was responsible for all development and platform upgrades, focusing on achieving the project milestones and go-live requirements.

Monitor is particularly pleased that given the degree of complexity involved, the work has been delivered on time, to budget and has achieved a high level of quality.