BTL is a global provider of assessment technology and services. Since 2007 BTL’s core focus has been the development of its award-winning Assessment Platform, Surpass. Surpass is considered to be one of the best solutions available and is used internationally to create, deliver and mark millions of computer-based tests every year. BTL’s success has been due to its innovative approach to technological development, its passion for significantly improving assessment for everyone, its creative core, and its refreshing approach to collaboration with partners and Surpass Community members.

Business Needs

Due to BTL’s success and continued growth, BTL recognised that they required assistance around their Azure infrastructure from cost to scalability. Ultimately, they recognised that they needed to:

  • Assess their current hosting costs.
  • Identify hosting plans suitable for BTL without compromising on capability, capacity or reliability.
  • Address scalability in Azure for a key component of their system.

Black Marble then engaged with BTL to assist them with their Azure infrastructure.


Our consultant conducted an Azure workshop with BTL, in which Azure Procurement, Hosting Options, Virtual Machines, Caching and more were discussed. Black Marble advised on best practice as well as the best options available to BTL. The output from this workshop was a set of short, medium, and long-term recommendations for BTL to take advantage of to get the most out of Azure.

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