Alder Hey Children’s Hospital

Using the powerful visualisation capabilities of the HoloLens, combined with the collaborative features of the Surface Hub, Black Marble has developed a Universal Windows Platform (UWP) application with Alder Hey Children’s Hospital. Developing a UWP application has allowed us to create an application for both the Surface Hub and the HoloLens, whilst still taking advantage of the best features each device has to offer.

The Surface Hub application allows medical professionals to simultaneously view and annotate patient records, ultrasounds and CT scans prior to surgery to determine the best approach. The records, along with the annotations are then sent to the HoloLens in preparation of the surgery. To annotate a patients records, each user will authenticate an individual Surface Hub via email and pin code authentication. Once a pen has been authenticated, the user can annotate the records.

Once in the operating theatre, surgeons will confirm the patient details to ensure the correct patient records and scans are shown. They then have access to all the annotated and audited patient records and scans. Before surgery begins, the surgeon can set up multiple windows around the operating table within the HoloLens application. Each window will display a different scan allowing surgeons to view the information hands free and aid the success of the operation.

View Microsoft’s case study about Alder Hey and our application.

It’s incredibly important that we embrace technology to get our best people out there and do extraordinary things. At the end of the day, the health of children is more important than anything else. Iain Hennessey, Clinical Director of Innovation at Alder Hey