SharePoint Solutions Police

SharePoint Solutions for the Police

Policing in the UK is currently operating within the context of an unrelenting drive for value and efficiency. Forces are committed to maintaining operational policing services and staff so economies must be gained through smarter and more effective working.

SharePoint is much vaunted as a platform that can improve the efficiency of collaborative working within an organisation. However, implementing such a broad platform can be a daunting task and without careful planning organisations often fail to realise the improvements that they were led to expect.

Black Marble has a field-proven approach to planning SharePoint within a range of organisations. Through a number of successful engagements, the company has a track record of understanding the needs of Police and other emergency services.

The Black Marble SharePoint planning engagement takes an organisation through a sequence of workshops to identify where SharePoint could improve ways of working. By engaging with staff across the customer organisation during the workshops, the chances of successful adoption are raised significantly. In addition, the aim is to raise the level of knowledge and understanding within the organisation of important areas (such as the need for governance) rather than merely take a ‘clipboard and spreadsheet’ approach to the consultancy process.

The engagement delivers a sequence of documents, each covering a specific part of the SharePoint planning process. A final implementation plan then details installation, configuration, adoption and continued management of SharePoint.

Understanding the needs of both the operational and organisational aspects of Policing is critical to the successful adoption of SharePoint. Black Marble has an approach that is proven in the sector and a track record of successful engagements to provide confidence in our ability.