Kinect for Windows

Opening up endless possibilities with Kinect for Windows.

Black Marble can help you open up endless possibilities with Kinect for Windows. Working with you, we can create solutions to inspire and entrance your customers, placing you at the forefront of innovative technology.

A step on from Touch interaction, Kinect technology turns you into the controller, creating a natural user interface though gesture, movement and speech recognition.

Black Marble has been utilising this intuitive interface to create applications for your business, taking your inspirational concepts to create a unique user experience.

Black Marble can …

  • ...create and develop innovative applications to your specification taking full advantage of the unique Kinect user interface.
  • … integrate your Kinect solution with other technologies including Microsoft Surface, Touch and Windows Phone.
  • … provide experienced UX designers to help light up your application.

Black Marble has created Kinect applications for healthcare, retail and your business including …

  • Candy – Massively Scalable Information Radiator system.
    Multi-screen system around your office that surfaces information from within the business’ systems, and can be controlled through touchscreens and Kinect gestures. It includes a Visual Studio Build Board system, meeting room management system, notes board, Image display system and refreshment ordering system for meetings.
  • Candy – Visual Studio Team Foundation Server Build Board.
    Visual Studio Build Board system, that allows management and preview of TFS Build information through touchscreens and Kinect gestures.
  • Candy – Retail.
    Delivering unique attracts and marketing telemetry for retail locations. Built on Windows Azure for Cloud based delivery.

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